Concrete Transformations

You step outside and that overwhelming realisation hits you, your existing concrete or pavers are looking a little drab, if not downright disgusting. Let’s face it, most old outdoor pathways, alfresco areas, driveways, car bays and service areas are usually ‘past there used by date’ and need to be demolished, carted away and recycled.

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Cut Builders Out Cut Concrete Costs

Let’s cut to the chase, you’re building, it’s expensive and saving money any way you can is a priority. Squeezing the contractor usually ends up with them cutting corners and poor workmanship. Is there another way of achieving the best outcome for your next project?

Simply exclude the driveway, alfresco area, pathways and service landings from the new build contract?

The most obvious reason why you should leave all exterior concreting or in fact hard scape works out of the contract is cost. Why part with 15-25% more through your builder?

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