A Guide to Concrete Maintenance

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting product. Designed and engineered to the correct strength for whatever purpose is required, it is guaranteed to endure the harshest environment lasting many years. With some maintenance and care avoiding potential staining or discolouration will keep your concrete fresh and new looking.

The difference between concrete that has been cleaned and serviced versus concrete that hasn’t will be very visible. Concrete that is maintained will stay looking bright and clean for its entire life. The team at Warner Brook Concreting has a few handy tips for protecting your investment and maintaining your concrete.

Be Aware of Your Environment

One of the most important aspects of maintaining concrete is knowing your environment. Weather can have a huge effect on how well your concrete lasts and how good it looks. Sun rays can cause discolouration, constant shadow will cause mould to grow on the surface. Surface failure will cause cracking and this may lead to structural damage which should be avoided.

Keep It Clean

Concrete is typically sealed after it is laid which offers some protection against stains and discolouration. However, making sure the concrete stays clean will go a long way in maintaining it for years to come. Any spills or debris that fall onto the concrete will stain if left to dry. Weeds and grass growing through joins or cracks will cause discolouration if left to grow. Tyre marks and car oil also stain concrete and can be very difficult to get out if left. We recommend cleaning your concrete at the first sign of marks appearing for the best results, spot cleaning when there are spills or marks. Using a pressure washer will work the best and will also be the most efficient.

Get It Sealed

Getting your concrete sealed after it is laid will be instrumental in maintaining it for many years to come. This final layer of protection can enhance the look and feel of your concrete and keep it that way for a long time. Sealing blocks moisture which can seep in and cause cracks. It blocks dirt, oil, and other stains from sticking to the concrete and makes cleaning much easier. It also protects against excess wear and tear for things like driveways, alfresco areas and pathways. Sealing your concrete can add years to its life. And the best part is that you can reseal at any point during your concrete’s life.

Avoid Chemicals and Heavy Objects

There are certain chemicals that can really damage concrete. These must be avoided at all costs if you want to maintain your concrete to its original quality. Certain floor cleaners can actually work through the sealer and harm the concrete below. Fertilisers can also stain concrete so it’s imperative to be careful when gardening. When cleaning you should always use cleaner specifically manufactured for concrete. Some household chemicals can do a lot more damage than good.

Different concrete applications require slightly different care. At Warner Brook Concreting we have the solutions and years of experience to help you solve any concrete issues you may have. Give us a call and speak with a fully qualified Concrete Specialist right now!

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