Concrete Enhancing Decisions

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Let’s explore which concrete product best suits your needs.

Is the exterior of the house in need of a facelift?

Selling and wanting premium dollar for your property?

Or is it a newly built house with sand, sand, and more sand outside?

The Facelift

A facelift can be difficult at first, sure there will be some scars, swelling and a sizable bill at the end. But given time and patience, the pain and effort and cost will be outweighed by your stunning new look surroundings.

Assuming you’ve lived in this house for some time, you know best what works and what doesn’t. Let the style of house influence your decision when choosing a new concrete alfresco floor or driveway and pathways. Liquid limestone looks best up against the 70’s red brick and cream house. A simple minimalist finish, new texture and a fresh clean look will enhance the style and beauty of any older house.

Going Once, Going Twice, Gone!

Selling a house can be an emotional upheaval. Getting the best sale price can soften the blow and put a smile on your face. First impressions matter. Investing in enhancing an entry or driveway will give the impression of a house that is loved and cared for. Choosing simple grey concrete or coloured concrete will keep costs down and transform appearances. Creating a modern look with shape, colour and texture, bringing your home into this century. Creating a warm welcoming feel is gold in real estate.

The New Build

Finally, the new house is finished, no more builders, tradies and frustrating delays. You’re in!

“Wait a minute”, the display centre had everything, carpets, window treatments, water features and amazing concrete. Yep, it wasn’t in the contract. What to do? Copy the display centre, copy the neighbourhood or copy a picture in a magazine?

The best look for new builds is exposed aggregate and the most popular product today. Its aesthetic appeal has stood the test of time, a durable and versatile product that will add value, completing the exterior areas beautifully. Let the architecture of your home influence your decision on products, colours and shapes.


Your neighbourhood has colours, style and themes already in place. Whether a new or old neighbourhood, take a walk around and study existing homes and gardens. Blend in with the neighbourhood. Also, be creative, a feel that says ‘this is unique, can compel similar minded people to admire and later purchase your property. Enjoy the process, be creative and own it.

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