Poured Liquid Limestone Concrete

Liquid Limestone concrete retains all the texture and original beauty of real limestone while displaying all the virtues of poured concrete.

Poured as a solid mass, Liquid Limestone Concrete has its own unique qualities and requires fully qualified Granolithic artisans with ability and skill to arrive at a finish that is worthy of this superior product.

The mix has to be right. A high strength concrete, the right additives, the correct slump, delivered within an allocated time, is only the beginning of a very intricate process. Then the installation process is equally as important. The ground must be sufficiently dampened and compacted to reach the Australian Standards.

Limestone Concrete must be installed at the correct depth and have suitable contours. Placement should always be consistent and uninterrupted allowing a continuous pour. Then comes the finishing phase, Limestone Concrete is like no other product, allowing a precise curing time is imperative to the integrity of this fine product… And then the final touch a design texture applied at the perfect time, creating a strong serviceable surface with a distinguishing finish that is uniquely Warnerbrook Concreting.

To add beauty and elegance a carefully chosen pattern is then carved by our skilled craft worker. Installed freehand and masterfully placed bringing your new limestone concrete into this century. We bring together the experience and aptitude of combined knowledge to make your next project, a real pleasure to look at and walk on.

Limestone concrete is manufactured in a range of natural limestone hues and gentle earthy colours to enhance every style of architecture and landscape design. The ‘lighter spectrum’ reflects the heat better than dark colours, and is ideally suited to our warmer Australian climate.

Unlike ordinary paving where bricks can shift and become irregular underfoot, limestone concrete is stable, flat and safer to walk on. With very low heat absorption, this product is perfect for pool surrounds, alfresco areas and garden pathways.

After installation, Warnerbrook can apply a tough clear sealant to the surface which helps repel oils, stains and spills. (An absolute boon for driveways, carports and barbecue areas!) This waterproof sealant protects and enhances the original beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is liquid limestone?
Liquid limestone is a product made from crushed limestone, sand and additives to be used for driveways, patios, pool surrounds and pathways.
Does Liquid limestone make a good driveway?
Liquid limestone has been used for driveways. Although generally it isn’t the optimum product to be used.
How long does liquid limestone take to dry?
Over night for foot traffic. Vehicle traffic 5 – 10 days.

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