Cut Builders Out Cut Concrete Costs

Let’s cut to the chase, you’re building, it’s expensive and saving money any way you can is a priority. Squeezing the contractor usually ends up with them cutting corners and poor workmanship. Is there another way of achieving the best outcome for your next project?

Simply exclude the driveway, alfresco area, pathways and service landings from the new build contract?

The most obvious reason why you should leave all exterior concreting or in fact hard scape works out of the contract is cost. Why part with 15-25% more through your builder?

Let’s look at some facts, the average square meters around a new build is 168m2, depending on which product the spend range is $9500 to $15000. Calculating average 20% builders cut; this is $950.00 to $3000. Whether you save $950 or $3000, it is a saving that is significant and can make the difference between choosing a cheaper product or a high-end quality product.

The home renovation owner builder has been doing this for years and if you speak to any owner-builder they will always talk about the money saved not using a builder.

The biggest obstacle can be finding a good contractor. This can be daunting for some and at times very frustrating. We have all experienced the ‘no response’ to phone calls, the ‘poor telephone manner’ when you do get through and the ‘no show’. I know you just want to scream!

Well, there’s no magic bullet to overcome this but there are some basics that can help.

Try and use reliable sources to gather contacts. Quiz family, friends or people who have recently built. When you see a concreter onsite stop and have a chat, meeting someone like that will give you an immediate sense of the person and you can see them in action.

Once you think you have found the right people for the job, check their work. Get addresses to go and view the works and even be bold enough to knock on the door asking what their experience was. Trust your instincts.

All the best for now. Gino Cataldo.

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