Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete Captivating Natural Earth Colours

Be surprised with all the possibilities of coloured concrete. New modern look for driveways, pathways, pool surrounds and outdoor areas.

Coloured Concrete Benefits:

  • Durable and fade resistant
  • High strength
  • Variety of designs & patterns
  • Cutting edge textures and finishes
  • Modern contemporary aesthetics
  • Affordable

Test of Time:

Warner Brook Concreting leading the way with coloured concrete systems. With 40 years experience in the construction industry we have seen the evolution of colouring concrete systems emerge, progress and transform to what it is today. Over the years we have handled colour mixes and worked on a variety of coloured concrete projects. We are confident in understanding the intricacies of oxides in any situation.

Today, sophisticated equipment has brought about the benefits of exact measurement. Mixed with precision, coloured oxides are uniformly dispersed throughout the concrete allowing a consistent blend and arriving at a perfect colour match. Coloured oxides are now blended throughout the concrete to arrive at a desired colour. This process enables consistency of colour without compromising strength of concrete.

Supplied by reputable companies meeting Australian Standards guarantees and minimizes the possibility of defective outcomes.

Experienced Professional:

At Warner Brook Concreting skilled, highly qualified granolithic concreters not only own and run the company but they are also hands on. 40 years experience in the building industry has allowed us the ability to forge strong relationships with reputable long standing companies and individuals. This history has given us the opportunity to directly be involved with the manufacture and supply of superior products.

We at Warner Brook Concreting take each individual project seriously and are fully committed to arriving at the best possible results with positive outcomes. Our strength is our knowledge. Having worked with coloured oxides since the 70’s we have developed proven systems that allows the supply, placement and finish of coloured concrete to the highest standard.

We invite you to view any completed works and judge for yourself. We are proud of our work and are more than happy for you to view jobs in progress or past completed works.

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Is Coloured concrete more expensive?
Coloured concrete cost is determined by which colour you choose. Ranging from $70 – $100 per square meter.
Can you get Coloured concrete?
Yes, you can. There is a extensive range of colours for concrete, premixed at the concrete plant.
What colour should your driveway be?
Choosing a colour for your driveway should be determined by the look of the house, garden and any hardstands.

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